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Branded Checkout

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We are obsessed with Customer Experience so we fully customize the checkout experience so it accurately represents your Brand. Your clients will have the same brand experience during the ceckout as they do while shopping on your website.

paybilla service
Analytics & Insights

  • Quickly export raw data & custom build your own reports.
  • No better way to understand your clients, their purchasing habits, your Billing history, revenue or active market
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paybilla service
Billing & Accounting

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You can use Paybilla for all of your Billing needs

We make sure the users are getting clear, accurate, tax localized invoices for their purchases every single time.

Some billing scenarios are complex. We cut through the fog by simplifying parent-child relationships and payment responsibilities.

Accounts receivable Reporting & Collections

With Paybilla, you can easily monitor how much you are owed & how much you should collect.

Refunds & Retention

Doing business internationally is not easy. But we make it easier. We understand no business is perfect and there is not business where all clients are 100% happy. Refund requests are a reality of commerce and dealing with them has never been easier.

With Paybilla you no longer have to fear the dreaded chargebacks (there are no chargebacks with crypto) and if you`re under our Re-Seller program, we`re dealing with them directly, so you never have to worry about it again.

Whenever one of your clients asks for the money back, you can quickly investigate the situation, review the payment made and decide if you perform a full, partial or no refund for the client.

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Product & Subscription Management

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Manage your products, pricing or subscriptions however you see fit.

You can add, remove or modify your products, gallery, pricing or description.

We`ve created a relational database that enables you to up-sell and cross-sale straight from the cart.

And if you`re selling subscriptions, you`ll find our platform to be very accomodating of just about any subscription scenario you wish to use. First month Off? Sure!, Every 3 Months? Sure! 3 Year subscription? Fine!. One price for the first year, a different monthly price for every month after it? Takes 30 seconds to setup using our powerful subscription engine.

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Key Management & Distribution

Since some of our clients are software publishers, we`ve put together this great little tool that enables you to manage all Activation Keys, Client Access Keys or License keys all from one place.

We handle the distribution to the client & we let you know when you`re running low on the number of keys available to sell, so you never get caught off guard.

We`ve fully automated this process so you can say goodbye to clients calling your supportline because they`re keys aren`t working or they didn`t receive one.

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Coupons & Discounts

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Percentage & Total Dollar Discounts:

Easily apply percentage discounts or you can take fixed dollar amounts off the price.

Limit Total Redemptions:

Limit the number of times a coupon can be redeemed. We automatically monitor the usage until the code is no longer valid & accordingly inform the buyers.

Multiple Coupons per Account

You can create and use as many coupons as you`d like. Mix and match, experiment until you get the best results.

Coupons per product or per Basket

You can apply coupons to certain products or to the full basket.


As part of the platform, we have built a crypto-exchange capability that enables you to exchange crypto to crypto, fiat to crypto (onboarding) and crypto to fiat (offboarding).

Best price from different exchanges

No hidden fees to merchants or customers

Price updated in real time

Accept crypto with instant conversion to EUR / USD

Buying Crypto: Buy over 200 cryptocurrencies regardless of your location.

Fast & Easy Setup: Getting started is simple – sign up, get verified and buy in less than 24 hours

Trading on Paybilla: Real-time Exchange Rates

Transparent Pricing: No hidden fees or margins

Selling your crypto positions: We get the best price available from multiple exchanges and secure the trade for you. You are in total control of when you wish to exit, we just make it easy.

Withdrawal: Sepa - Free, International Banks, Crypto

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Multi-Currency Wallet

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Paybilla allows you to deposit, trade and hold any major digital currencies and ERC20 tokens, all from one single secure place.

You can always import or export your wallets or transfer your tokens to a cold storage wallet for extra security.

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We`ve made it our mission to make it easy for everybody to participate in the blockchain economy, therefore, we`re taking down blockers one at a time.

We`ve built a powerful crypto-to-fiat payments platform for merchants, to protect them from market volatility while enabling users worldwide to make use of whatever tokens they hold.

We`re not taking this a step further by making it even easier to buy or sell items online for cryptocurrency, by building a crypto first marketplace.

Coming soon