Engagement Model

At Paybilla, we aim to bring you all the features you need to run your online business in one place. We enable you to mix and match and only use the systems you require.
Since we wish to make things easier than ever before, our clients can use the platform in part or in whole, under 2 types of commercial agreements:

Saas: No minimum contract periods, no monthly payments. You just use Paybilla in order to advance your business, understand more about your clients and gain access to a rich market of early adopters.

Re-Seller Agreement : Paybilla becomes an official re-seller of your product or services. We handle everything from billing to digital distribution. Once a month, you invoice Paybilla for all the products sold under this agreement. This way, you no longer have to worry about localization, taxation, chargebacks and the host of issues that comes with running a global company.