How Paybilla is changing the ecosystem

It leverages the power of the Blockchain

We've been Blockchain and Bitcoin supporters since 2009 and we truly believe that the innovative solution this new technology proposes can overcome the shortcomings of traditional payment gateways have today. We also believe that the latest technologies should be available to all entrepreneurs, not reserved for only a small group of geeks.

Are you tired of chargebacks? So are we. Do you want to avoid exchange commissions & price fluctuations? So do we. And that’s why we think all businesses should take advantage of the Blockchain market.

Payments, Crypto Exchange, Wallet, Affiliate Management, Billing & Analytics. All in one.

Right now, there’s not a single payment platform on the market that will let entrepreneurs accept payments, send invoices, track sales, manage affiliates, and exchange currencies from the same dashboard. We know this because we really wanted such a platform for our businesses.

Using PayBilla means that you can finally focus on growing your business instead of wasting time trying to manage it. It also means you’re not wasting money paying for five different tools anymore. PayBilla can replace all your other tools AND it offers you real-time business analytics.

It keeps your transactions safe & private

Banks can disclose information about you and your transactions if the law compels them to. They can also refund buyers without asking for your permission. We’re really not down with that.

And that’s why we believe online businesses should switch to cryptocurrencies: once the money gets to your account they stay there until you decide to spend them.