About us

By driven entrepreneurs for driven entrepreneurs.

Who we are

We’re the people who lost a big chunk of our earnings on commissions.

We’re the people who spent hours putting together data from 6 different tools just to generate a monthly report so we could see whether our business was growing or not.

We’re the people who struggled to find a bank that would work with us because we were flagged as high-risk businesses. And when we finally found a bank that would work with us they asked for another big chunk of our earnings.

And you know what? We got fed up with all this. We got fed up with wasting time & money each month. So in the past X years we’ve become the people who made it their mission to build a payment processing platform that can replace all other platforms. A platform that can ease our work, while enabling us to stay ahead of our competitors. And that’s how PayBilla was born.


  • Pre-Seed round led by GapMinder VC
  • Secondary Offices in Cluj, Romania & Tallinn, Estonia
  • Chris becomes a DraperU Alumni and named Forbes 30 Under 30
  • Crypto Exchange & Wallet License granted
  • Paybilla goes live
  • Paybilla is founded by Robert & Chris after Robert`s exit from Cyberghost VPN.
  • Testing started on the first MVP
  • Legal Research Commences

What we stand for


There's more than 2 Billion unbanked people on this planet and in this day and age, that is just unfair. Let's work together for a brighter future and let`s do that today.